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UNH Sorority Recruitment 101

UNH Sorority Recruitment 101

The start of fall is one of the most exciting times here at UNH because we get a fresh start to reinvent ourselves and try new things. For most freshman and sophomores and even some juniors this may mean going through Fall Formal Recruitment! Sororities are amazing ways to get involved on campus, meet tons of new people, make connections after your UNH career, and gain social skills that will help you in many other life situations. While the end product of being in a sorority is always looked at with excitement, the process of getting into one is thought to be stressful. Recruitment stresses a lot of girls out when it really shouldn’t because it is actually a very exciting time! When else do you get a chance to see all of the sorority houses and talk to girls that you may recognize from your classes? Sit back, relax, and read our tips on going through recruitment!

Tip 1: Keep an open mind

This is an extremely important tip that some people unfortunately forget when they are going through the recruitment process. Even if you think you are dead set on one house going into recruitment, remember to always keep an open mind. Each house has something different to offer so you should look for the good in all of them, so and take time to reflect at the end of each day on the girls you met and what you learned. Don’t focus on the rumors or stereotypes that go around on campus because most of them aren’t true!

Tip 2: Your Sorority Fate

No matter what, you will end up where you are meant to be! Even if the house you get into is not your first choice, you will very quickly realize that it is where you belong and you eventually won’t be able to picture yourself in any other house! Everything works out after recruitment weekend. In the end, if you don’t get into any house it is not the end of the world! Some houses offer informal recruitment during the spring that you can check out, or you may find your niche in another one of the great organizations on campus! (Her Campus UNH?)

Tip 3: Smile and be confident!

Remember, smiling and confidence are the two best accessories you can wear no matter what your outfit is. People are more likely to remember a girl who was smiling and happy the whole time compared to someone who was moping!

Tip 4: Be yourself

You are trying to find where YOU belong, so don’t put on an act. Be yourself and you will click with the house that is right for you. If a house doesn’t like the real you then it wasn’t meant to be and makes your road to finding your perfect house easier!

Tip 5: Go with your gut

If you have a feeling in your gut saying “this is it, this is where I want to be” then listen to it. The same goes for the opposite, if something is just not clicking after giving it some time and maybe more than one visit, then it is just not the house for you, and that’s just fine.

Tip 6: It’s all about YOU!

If you know someone in a certain house or are going through recruitment with a friend just remember that this choice is all about you! Don’t let anyone influence where you end up because it is solely about where you fit in. If you and your friend don’t end up in the same house that doesn’t mean you can’t still be friends. Almost everyone in Greek Life has friends in different houses and different houses usually get together to do events like workshops or fundraisers!


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