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UNH Girls Top 5 Spring Break Destinations

UNH Girls Top 5 Spring Break Destination 

1. Cancun – Cancun seems like the place to be this spring break. There are many college trips heading to Cancun this March. The resorts have all inclusive packages including unlimited food and drinks which is every college students dream. On top of that, the crystal clear water and soft sandy beaches will be the perfect change of pace from the brutal New England cold.

2. Bermuda- If you are looking for a peaceful place to head off to this spring, Bermuda is the place for you.  Bermuda is a group of low forming volcanoes in the Atlantic which has been turned into a vacation area for families, children and of course, college students. Bermuda isn’t exactly your typical spring break experience with partying all night, but this would be a great girls get away and relaxing time on the beach.

3. Costa Rica- Costa Rica is located in the Central Americas bordering the Caribbean sea. The highest point of Costa Rica is Cerro Chirripó which is a great hiking destination after a long day at the beach. Be sure to wake up early to catch the beautiful sunrise from your hotel room.  The temperature in Costa Rica is warm all year round because of its close proximity to the equator so Costa Rica is a good option any time of year.


4. Sanibel Island, Florida- Sanibel is a small city that can only be reached by a bridge. Sanibel is a popular destination for spring break because of the leisure of traveling down to Florida as opposed to out of the country. Sanibel is a great place for you if you are looking for a relaxing week of tanning, swimming, snorkeling etc. Get a group of girls together and head to Sanibel this spring!

5. Jamaica- Want to get your hair braided in those neat cornrows? Jamaica is the place for you then.  Just a little further south of Cuba, Jamaica is next to the Dominican Republic and is the fifth largest country in the Caribbean. This spring break you could head to Jamaica to experience the culture, drinks and beautiful sights in Jamaica. There are tons of waterfalls and hiking areas that overlook the clear beautiful water, making it the fifth of our top five destinations this spring break!


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