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UNH Dictionary

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UNH chapter.

1.     Homecoming (n): At UNH, Homecoming is a magical weekend when everyone’s school spirit is at an all time high. Although some Wildcats don’t remember this weekend, a lot of fun times are had. The big event is the tailgate and football game. Parents and students alike enjoy themselves on the field outside of Cowell Stadium and good times are had by all.

Ex. 60 Wildcats were arrested at Homecoming this year.

I want to play flip cup with my parents at Homecoming.

2.     Halloween (n): Wildcats love Halloween. In Durham though, Halloween is not just a one- night celebration. Wildcats like to make this a full weekend event. You can find hoards of students dressed up from Thursday night all the way to Saturday night regardless what day of the week October 31st actually falls on. Costumes range from minions to Miley Cyrus and finding a party isn’t a difficult thing to do.

Ex. Lets dress up like Franzia and go to Davis Court for Halloween.

3.     Concert (n): Typically, there is one fall and one spring concert at UNH held in the Whittimore Center. Wildcats line up for tickets in the very early hours of the morning in the MUB and wait for hours at a time to get a ticket. This year, the U brought Kendrick Lamar for the fall and Nelly for the spring.

Ex. I hope there’s a country concert after Nelly

4.     Snow Day (n): In Durham, students generally hear via email that “curtailed operations” are in effect. Waking up to this email is one of the best feelings wildcats experience during the coldest days of winter. Usually snow days entail catching up on sleep and Netflix.

Ex.  Dick Cannon, please curtail operations; I need a snow day to catch up on 90210.

5.     Reading Days (n): When the weekend gets extended in order to allow students to “study for finals.” While a lot of studying does occur it is impossible for a Wildcat to study for five days straight. Therefore wildcats use this time to let loose and take a well -deserved study break (or ten).

Ex. Reading Days start the day after Cinco de Mayo? Right.

This is the general account for the University of New Hampshire chapter of Her Campus! HCXO!