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Traveling Opportunities Through UNH

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UNH chapter.

When I first came to UNH, I knew traveling was going to be implemented into my educational career. I knew UNH had a variety of great study abroad programs, but never knew how far these opportunities would take me. After being a UNH student for years, I have found great and unique programs I wanted to share. UNH has such unique experiences I would have never known about if I hadn’t done the research. I want to make you all aware of the amazing trips you can take all through our university so you too can travel as much as possible in your years here at UNH.

  1. Full semester study abroad programs:

There are so many full-term study abroad programs for both Fall Semester and Spring Semester. I studied abroad with SIPN in Lisbon, Portugal, and I highly recommend that program. Florence and Spain are also really popular programs. The best way to study abroad and make sure it fits with your curriculum is to meet with your advisor, make a plan, save your discovery courses for abroad or pick a program catered to your major. For example, my program was for business, so I was able to take three business classes when I was abroad.

2. J-term programs:

There are also many J-term programs that you can take through UNH. A lot of them are either major-focused or class-focused. They can be a great opportunity for travel and also to get discovery courses done in a fun way.

3. Summer programs

UNH also has a lot of summer programs you can choose from. There are so many locations and time frames to choose from.

4. Spring Break trips

Recently I traveled to Namibia, a country in Africa, on a UNH trip. I took ANSC 690: Wildlife and Livestock in Namibia with Professor Drew Conroy. I am a business and sustainability dual major. This course is catered to animal science majors, but it also counts towards the SDM. It was an amazing experience and such a unique trip to take through school. I know we have a few other spring break programs as well in different countries. The class is set up by learning about the country and then going over spring break. Then when you come back, you have a research paper to do on the country.

5. Pre-vet track student programs

I am not a pre-vet track student, however many students in my Namibia class were. They told me about an opportunity in the pre-vet track where veterinary students can go on trips with students in their major. A peer of mine did a summer pre-vet program in South Africa and is doing another one in Costa Rica. For the pre-vets, if you go on a trip, you can lead one after that too.

Aliana currently attends the University of New Hampshire, dual majoring with Business Admin: Management and Sustainability. Her favorite place is anywhere near the beach and on the ocean. She is NH born and raised but has spent a majority of her childhood in Ipswich, MA where she continues to frequent. Ipswich being near the water, has been a huge driver for Aliana's sustainability practices, as she was able to view the environment with a new perspective.