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Top 4 Halloween Candies 


It’s spooky season, and that means Halloween costumes and loads of candy. There’s nothing I love more than watching classic Halloween movies like Hocus Pocus and sitting on the couch, stuffing my face with Halloween candy. With Halloween right around the corner, it’s only best that I share my absolute favorite candies.  


1. Reese’s

Reese’s have to be my FAVORITE candy. There’s nothing better than chocolate and peanut butter paired together. And now Reese’s has pieces in Reese’s Cups and Dark Chocolate Reese’s. They all hit differently- even their holiday shapes hit differently. But I have to say that nothing is better than seeing Pumpkin Reese’s in your trick or treat bag. They just hit differently, you know? 



2. Twix 

Twix and Kit Kat are definitely tied, but I have to say the caramel wafer dipped in chocolate does it for me. There’s nothing I love more than chocolate and caramel. My favorite part about Twix on Halloween is hitting the good houses where they hand out king-sized bars because those have to be the best! I think part of the fun in eating Twix is debating about what side tastes better. Personally I think both sides are good, but that’s just me. What’s your favorite side?


3. Kit Kat 

Ugh, that bar. It’s the combination of milk, chocolate, and wafer all in one. The simplicity of the Kit Kat has a simple crunch with the perfect size. Yes, the commercials are a bit tacky with the split, but when it’s physically in your hands and you snap it? You just get that perfect crunch sound. There’s nothing I love more than a good old classic Kit Kat in my Halloween bag. 


4. Starburst 

Pink and Red have to be the best flavors. There’s nothing I love more than sorting through my Halloween candy and seeing pink and red in a pack. 

What’s your favorite Halloween candy? 


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