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Top 10 Places You Must Visit In Italy When Studying Abroad In Europe

If you have the chance to study abroad, I highly recommend going. It is a once in a life chance opportunity to travel the world without having any job commitments or financial worries. The most rewarding thing about studying abroad is the amount of memories you will be making in a short amount of time . I might be bias, but Italy is hands down the best place to study abroad because of the food, incredible history of the country, and beautiful monuments and buildings. Here are 10 places you must visit in Italy when studying abroad in Europe.

1. Rome

photo taken by: adrienredcom

2. Venice

photo taken by: tori.sweeney

3. Tuscany

photo taken by: Bus2Alps

4. Cinque Terre 

photo taken by: tori.sweeney

5. The Amalfi Coast 

photo taken by : __travel_guide__

6. Florence

photo taken by: lore2984

7. Milan 

photo taken by: zoe_aerin

8. Lake Como 

photo taken by: marcobottigelli

9. Sicily

photo taken by: unragazzodelsud

10. Bologna
photo taken by: brendanvanson

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