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What To Put On Your Summer 2024 Bucket List

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With only a few weeks left of the semester, it’s time to think about some fun summer plans! While the summer is a great time to relax and unwind, it also allows for time to get together with friends and family to do things you love or try new things.

Beach SUnrise or Sunset

It may seem daunting waking up that early in the morning in the summer, but it’s worth it! Bring a blanket and snacks to make it a fun picnic outing.

Ice cream

Get ice cream and take a scenic walk with friends, just taking some time to be with company and relax. Along the beach, shoreline or parks can be great walking areas.


I love to explore new places with my dog and family. Finding a new spot close or far away from home can make for a new favorite spot and a great exercise.

Refreshing summer recipes

Try baking or cooking some fun, refreshing summer recipes. Pinterest is a great source to look for easy, simple and affordable recipes to try at home.

Find a Good BooK

Find a good book and a hammock and read outside on a summer day. This is a fun way to get some sunlight while doing something good for your mind.

Molly Sullivan is majoring in nursing. She loves to do anything outdoors such as mountain biking, skiing, golfing as well as cooking and baking.