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These 70s, 80s, and 90s Trends Are Back with a Bang

The dawn of a new decade has us looking forward to what’s to come. A new genre of music? A new crop of A-listers? Maybe flying cars? But some of the iconic fashion trends of the 70s, 80s, and 90s have made a serious comeback, and I’m wondering if the pop culture of the next decade will actually look a little familiar. These five classic trends are again on the rise, so get ready to raid your neighborhood thrift store or the contents of your mom’s storage bins.



1. Sweatsuits

The athleisure movement is back and better than ever. Well-known moguls have been spotted sporting this cozy yet chic look on the streets of NYC and the boulevards of Beverly Hills. Today’s A-listers are here to support the resurgence of comfort in the world of fashion.


2. Mom Jeans

Mom jeans have made a complete resurgence from their prime as 90s fashion staple. In this new decade, I predict that skinny-skinny jeans will continue to be on the out, with the high-waist loose-fitting mom jeans stepping up to take their place. I am here for this revival.


3. Scrunchies

This trend is not new to the scene, as scrunchies have been having comeback hour for upwards of the last four years. These accessories were everything in the 80s, and no surprise, they continue to be a trendy addition to any outfit. 


4. Barrettes

These underappreciated embellishments have the ability to add subtle pop and color to your looks. The snap-on hair clips reminiscent of 1990s pop culture have returned, along with my desire to put effort into my hair each day. 


5. Dad shoes

We’ve helped ourselves to a fair share of mom’s belongings, it’s only fair that we give dad’s wardrobe a little love. Chunky sneakers, also known as “dad shoes” are somewhat ironically becoming a highly-coveted fashion staple. Recent years have seen a revival of this supportive and comfortable footwear, and I see this trend continuing well into the next decade.


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