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Teddy Buckley, ’15

Meet this week’s campus cutie, Teddy Buckley!  Teddy is a junior PolySci and Justice Studies major and is involved in his fraternity, Pike.  If your ideal date involves dollar drinks and Scorps basement, Teddy might be the guy for you!  So keep an eye out for this cutie, and don’t worry, ladies, because he is SINGLE!!


Hometown– Bridgewater, MA

School/Year: COLA ‘15

Major- Political Science, Justice Studies


UNH Life:

Residence- Pike          

Clubs/Activities- Pi Kappa Alpha, Marketing and Advertising Club

Best Class- Theatre and Dance

Worst Class- accounting


Fun Facts

Biggest Pet Peeve:  loud people in the morning

Most embarrassing moment: About two weeks ago a sea gull pooped on my head while I was walking to the library. It was a long walk home…

Favorite Movie:  The Departed

Favorite Chick Flick: I don’t know if it’s a chick flick but for some reason I really like Pitch Perfect. Acascuse me

Favorite TV Show: Game of Thrones

Celeb Crush: Me and Mila Kunis used to have a thing

Dream Job: business owner

Favorite UNH sport:  Football. Homecoming is like Christmas for college kids. And no I’ve never actually made it to a game.

Favorite hangout spot on campus: Scorps

Love Life

Single or Taken: Single

Ideal Girl: Somebody funny

Ideal Date:  Scorps Basement

Deal Breakers?: Can’t be taller than me


This or That:

Christensen or Williamson? Christensen

Philly or Hoco? Philly, you can’t beat the breakfast bar

DHOP or Dominos? DHOP

Store 24 or CampCo? Store 24 laid me off last year so I gotta give it to Campco

Summer or Fall? Summer

Mac or PC? I work for Dell. PC all day

Advice to Freshmen: Get involved, work hard play hard

If you could pick the next Campus Cutie who would it be and why? Mitch Hamor, dat ass though

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