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Take a Break During this Chaotic Year

The past few weeks have been really difficult living in isolation while trying to finish the semester “strong”. But, let’s face it. This entire year has been difficult. We have gone through so much this year between COVID-19, terrible hurricane and fire seasons, and the election season stress. It has been quite the year, and it has really tested my mental health and personal strength. I have struggled to find the positives in my day-to-day life.

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One of the best things to come out of this year, for me, is the fact that I have fallen back in love with reading. When I was little, I loved to read. I was that kid that stayed up way past my bedtime reading and always had a plan if my parents came in to check on me. Throughout quarantine, I have grown tired of constantly staring at a screen, so I took the opportunity to pick up a book. Reading has been a huge escape for me over this chaotic year. I have gone to far off places, traveled to the depths of the ocean, and fallen in love with way too many characters and places. Now, I try to pick up a book at least once a day to take a break from finals and my home life. I think this is something everyone needs.

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The one thing I want you, the reader, to get out of this article is to try and find something that brings you joy. Something that makes you happy. Something that can act as an escape from the chaos we are currently living in. It can be anything. Find something that can make you forget, even just for a few minutes, about everything. Now, go out there and take a break.

I’m a Junior at UNH. My major is Human Development and Family Studies with a focus on family support.
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