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Summer Fashion Must Haves

Whether it be because you are going on spring break or you just can’t stand the winter anymore, every year around March everyone is starting to look for warmer weather clothes. I have often found that there are too many cute clothes, shoes, and accessories for the summer…I just want them all! Here are some must haves I found to look super cute for the summer:





I loved the look of this shoe. It’s casual and has a nautical look which is in for this summer.  They come in many prints and colors. You can find a pair at DSW, Aldo, Macys, Nordstrom, Off Broadway Shoes, or any shoe store near you.




I loved this pair because these sandals have a lighter look so it’s easy to pair them with dresses, skirts, shorts, or capris.




These shorts are really cute and come printed, solid or lace. I personally, love cloth shorts because they are easy to wear and they are flattering on all shapes and sizes.  



I am not personally a big skirt person in the summer, but this skirt is really cute and is trendy this summer with a skater style. Or if you feel like being edgy try a tutu style skirt that falls about knee length.  




This dress is a fun maxi dress for the summer, it has a bright color and fun print.  I love maxi dresses because they are long and will keep your legs warm at night if you are at a BBQ.  Also they have a Greek Goddess feel which I love.


Denim is in for the summer and why not have a little denim dress? They are super cute and can be versatile with any style.


I know what you are probably thinking… ummm I’m not wearing a jumpsuit!  But actually they are super easy and cute to add to your regular summer outfits.  If you want to play it a little safer then do a romper they are also super cute and easy and they come in fun florals and solids or try a denim romper or jumpsuit to be trendy.

Go out and have fun with the trends this summer! 
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