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Stop Being Stressed

If you say you aren’t stressed for these next two weeks, I don’t believe you. Of course every professor is going to cram an exam into the same week as every other professor. On top of all the exams, the first few weeks of college are already stressful, homecoming, living situations, meeting new people, and getting back in the groove of things. Most of the time we stress ourselves out because we don’t know how to control it and manage it.

Stress is inevitable but it is much better to deal with it in a healthy way than to push our selves too far and end up breaking down. So try following these tips and your college year may go much smoother than you anticipated.

  1. Sleep

All-nighters are not beneficial whatsoever. All that red bull, coffee, and Adderall will help for a short period of time but then you’ll crash so there is no point in wasting time and money. Sleep the normal 7 to 8 hours a night and wake up refreshed with your brain ready to learn. Your mind will rejuvenate and you’ll be able to focus better when you start studying again.

  1. Don’t Procrastinate

Try to make to do lists, or write in an agenda. Doing a little every day instead of cramming it all into one day is a way better method. There is no reason for you to stay up until all hours of the night doing the project you forgot about and studying for an exam. Plan your week out ahead of time and you’ll have plenty of time to relax in between.

  1. Listen to Music

Listening to music can help you focus and soothe your mind from freaking out. Try some classical music without words, it really makes you concentrate and you’ll be less distracted from your surroundings.

  1. Take a Break

Its okay to take breaks! There is no benefit to cramming in everything for 5 hours straight; you won’t remember it the next day. Read a few chapters in a book, take a nap or shower, get some food, or hang out with friends. Treat yourself in between studying and it won’t feel so annoying and time consuming.

  1. Reward yourself

If you study knowing that you’re doing something fun after the test it will want you to succeed. Plan a dinner date, or a movie and have it to look forward to after you ace your exam. Or make it so once you find out your grade you get a reward, kind of like a game and it makes studying much more fun!

In the end it is your choice how you manage your stress, but try these tips and it may help you in the long run!

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