The Stages of Getting Coffee

Everyone knows that coffee is a staple in college kids’ lives and lucky for us Wildcats, we have so many different places to go to. To list a few, there’s The Hut, Coffee Craving, and Saxby’s. These places are what keeps us going when we have exams to study for and homework to do. Without coffee, I know I’d personally be a walking zombie 93% of the time. Here are the stages of getting that first coffee of the day!

1. You wake up in the morning and feel like you’re still half asleep.

2. As you walk into the bathroom and look in the mirror, you shriek at the sight of the dark circles under your eyes.

3. You then remember that you have just enough time to go get some refreshing, iced coffee and suddenly you start to feel the pep in your step as you get ready.

4. After you finish getting ready, you bolt out the door and begin to fast walk to the coffee shop or to the bus stop to go get your car.


5. Finally, you have reached your destination. But you are not successful in getting your coffee just yet.

6. You sit and wait in that crazy long line for Coffee Craving or stand in the Saxby’s line fidgeting with your ID as you wait for your turn.

7. The moment has arrived when it’s time to order your coffee. You look at the barista and almost tear up at the thought of ordering.

8. It's the last couple of minutes of waiting. It’s not long before you finally get your coffee.

9. After an hour and a half of getting ready and waiting, the moment has finally arrived. You take the first sip of that delicious iced coffee and you can feel it beginning to fuel your cold soul.