Spring Fashion Report

Listen up ladies!!! I’m comin’ at ya hot with the Spring fashion trend report! Pastels and florals are a thing of the past and neons and camo are in. So come along as we dive into a list of the latest fashion must-haves!


Love it or leave it but there's no denying that neons are IN and I am so happy about it! Neons have finally made a comeback and whats not to love about it? You can use neon to add a pop of personality to any outfit - whether it be jewelry, shoes, purses, or clothing! 

Snakeskin! It's back babes! I am so excited about this being cool again that I went out and bought 5 new snakeskin shirts last week! That might have been a tad excessive but in the wise words of Ariana Grande, "I see it, I like, I want it, I got it". 

This is a very controversial trend I have noticed because everyone I know either loves camo or hates in - there's no in-between. I am obsessed with it but whenever I go home from college, I strategically don't bring any of my camo clothing items with me because they "mysteriously" go missing when my mom offers to do my laundry (I'm very salty about it). To all you ladies who haven't hopped on the camo-bandwagon yet, I am sorry that you are not yet quite as trendy as the rest of us (: 

All my friends give me such a hard time about my vast collection of platform sneakers but I am unapoligetically standing behind my belief that they are COOL. I am serious, for a short 5'4" girl like myself, if I get a chance to make my self an inch or two taller with some super cute and comfy sneaks, I'm going to take full advantage of that! My favorite brands include: Nike, Basso, Superga, Fila, and Steve Madden. 

My final super cool trending fashion item is colored pant suits! The days of black and navy blue pant suits are behind us until next winter. Light blue, pink, light yellow, and green pant suits are the trend that is taking over the buisness world this Spring. You will demand attention and mean buisness they next time you walk into your work place looking on-point in one of these bad babies. 


I'm not telling you what to wear - I'm just informing you of the latest trends and styles to shine a little brighter this Spring!