Spotlight: Felicity Warner from HC-National

Meet Felicity Warner, the assistant editor at the Her Campus National office in Boston, MA. Prior to this position, she was a contributing writer at the HC-Florida State University chapter for all four years. I had the lovely opportunity to interview Felicity and hear her journey as a strong female writer! Read her story here!


Quick Facts:

Hometown: Sarasota, Florida

Fav book: “Modern Romance” by Aziz Ansari. The book addressed online dating, dating apps, and the effects on our generation. It’s also hilarious!!  

Fav band: Young the Giant! I loved them in high school, and have recently re-visited them since the release of their latest album.

Fav tv show: Shameless! It’s wild, but I love it!

Fav candy: Reese’s!

Biggest pet peeve: When people are so rude and impolite for no reason-- I hate that!!

Hi Felicity! Can you describe what your position entails at HC-National?

Hi! My official title is “Assistant Editor” at the Her Campus National office. The tasks change from day to day, which makes the job so fun! I connect with the national writers and specifically oversee the ‘Style’ section. I conduct emails throughout the week to give the writers advice or direction on subjects they want to cover for the week ahead (an interview, campaign, trending topic, etc). In addition, I review writer applications and analytics at the weekly editorials meetings, as well as work closely with the community development team.


How has your time as a contributing writer at FSU benefited where you are now?

It’s an amazing concept to cultivate your own voice and develop a unique style of writing! Having the opportunity at the FSU chapter enhanced my writing skills and increased my confidence. While on campus, we discussed promotion and article ideas, as well as built our profile on social media. Working and collaborating with a team of young collegiates allowed me to gain applicable experience for today.


What caused you to pursue a career in writing?

As a kid, I loved creating stories and writing reports. It was just a hobby I had all my life, but I lost touch of that in high school. For college, I based my decision on setting and atmosphere and made great memories at Florida State University. I didn’t know what I wanted to do for the longest time. While in college, I realized I always loved music and visual art. It was then that I considered writing to be another form of art that resonates with me. I recalled how passionate I am about it, and how I feel empowered when putting my thoughts to paper. Then, as a contributing writer for HC-FSU, it clicked that I could do something like this as a career!


What techniques do you practice before writing an article?

My main strategy before finalizing an article is building a framework. After I have an idea, I craft a title/heading and goal of the piece, so I know what direction I’m going in. Then I begin the draft (think of it like “a skeleton” or “body of the paper”). While editing and revising, I’m also making sure the voice/tone is right.


What are your favorite subjects to write about? Least favorite?

I prefer writing about culture and lifestyle! I analyze things that are trending and how our generation reacts to news happening in our world. As far as least favorite, it would probably be heavy politics. I have investigated that topic before, but if I was a reporter and solely wrote about that subject, I would hate that because I would feel so restricted!


Can you provide any insight for female contributing writers, especially at the Her Campus chapters across the country?

I would advise to really take advantage of the HC network, both at your campus chapter and National office. Don’t hesitate to strike up a conversation (yes, even with the National office!) and compare/contrast interests, because you never know what you’ll have in common. This community is huge, as women who have a passion for writing and editing. We all recognize the value of putting our thoughts on paper, as well as the sense of pride when seeing your work online for others to read! By building connections with other female writers, you can elevate your own writing style, as well as move forward professionally.