Sorry- I Don't Watch Game Of Thrones



I’m sorry people- I don’t watch Game of Thrones.



Before someone starts a riot, let me explain- I’m a Netflix gal at heart. HBO, who? Sorry, I’m a broke college student.


I know every time a new season of GOT comes out, social media is thrown into a frenzy. My entire explorer page on Instagram becomes a hub for predictions, spoilers, and theories for how the rest of the season will go. Twitter users hastily live tweet shows, and Facebook is full of people posting brackets, finding out who will go head to head for the Iron Throne.



That’s me, fighting off the influx of GOT memes.


I just can’t keep up.


My mom, who doesn’t watch anything but The Real Housewives, actually asked me over Easter weekend if I would be watching the final season…



When did this happen? Where did this obsession come from? GOT seems to be the best thing since sliced bread, yet…


I don’t feel like I’m missing out.



I give kudos to everyone involved with GOT for making such a successful and immersive TV show. I just can’t get into it!



However, I do feel like I’m missing out on huge secret, and there is definitely some social pressure to watch it. Will I ever? Probably not.


All in all, GOT seems like society’s latest cult obsession-  but aren’t all up and coming trends? (I’m looking at you avocado toast.)



And no, this isn’t a call out post for anyone obsessed with GOT. You do you, girl.