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Songs to listen to for every mood


Music is one of the greatest outlets to emotions in the entire world. When you’re sad, listen to music. When you’re happy, listen to music. However, those playlists can sometimes not be intermixed, (ex. You wouldn’t listen to “Happy” by Pharrell Williams when you’re sobbing over homework). I have therefore decided to make a small playlist with about one or two songs for each mood you’re feeling.



When you’re feeling happy

  • Play That Song by Train

  • Just Dance by Lady Gaga


When you’re feeling motivated/determined

  • I’m Still Standing SPECIFICALLY the version from Sing

  • The Greatest by Sia


When you need a pump up song

  • On Purpose by Sabrina Carpenter

  • Back to You by Selena Gomez

  • No Roots by Alice Merton

When you’re in your sad boi hours

  • Drown by Front Porch Step

  • Stay by Post Malone


When you need to chill

  • American by Teen Khalid

  • Pink Lemonade by James Bay


When you’re crushing on someone

  • All To Myself by Dan + Shay

  • I Love You, I Love You It’s Disgusting by Broadside

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