Signs Your Significant Other Is Immature

Now I know that I am not an expert on relationships, but I’m telling you that no one enjoys spending time with a partner that is extremely immature. In our college years, we deserve to be in relationships that do not depend on a Snapchat streak (I cannot stress this enough). Here are a couple of the tell-tale signs that I sadly have learned from experience that your significant other is stuck in their freshman year of high school.


1. They base the stableness of your relationship on a snapchat streak. 

THIS is my number one sign that priorities need to be rethought. When your current flame tells you that they genuinely considered breaking up with you when you lost the pink heart on Snapchat and they are older than 14, a talk should be in order.

2. They expect you to constantly respond in class.

You are a learning woman who is paying a whole lot of money in order to attend college. The average amount of money spent on a college credit is $594.46. Do not waste that money one someone who falls under sign #1. So much better is waiting for you.

3. They get mad when you go to college parties with your friends.

When your lover texts you saying that it is okay to miss your nightly 6 hour FaceTime to go to an impromptu frat party with your friends, most people would think that this is okay. In college, sometimes it can be hard to party unless you go to one in a frat. No one should ever have to give up the college experience to cry on FaceTime with their sweetheart begging them not to be mad you went to a frat party for 20 minutes until you realized that they did not want you to go.  

4. They start a fight when you cannot FaceTime for more than an hour while you are studying for finals.

Again, finals are very important and cover a lot of material that requires a lot of time to study. Your honey should understand this, and understand that you want to pass your classes. Not say that they will just not text you during the entirety of finals week, and that you can hit them up when you are no longer busy.


5. When you want to watch a movie/get dinner/spend time with your friends instead of wanting to FaceTime.

In college, you live with your best friends. They are all within a 15 minute walk or less from you, so you are always getting dinner together and hanging out in each others’ rooms. This does not mean that you are too busy for your dearest, but you are just doing your everyday things with someone else there. This should not mean that they purposely ignore your texts while you are eating dinner or watching a movie with your friends in your dorm, and cannot answer a FaceTime call while they are all there. 

6. They constantly push for you to write a HerCampus article about them and start a fight when you don’t. 

This one’s for you.