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Sew Sorority: Not Your Grandma’s Quilt

Cleaning out your closet? Don’t get rid of those t-shirts just yet! Jeanette Bravo, founder of Sew Sorority, came up with the idea to help save our treasured t-shirts by making them into high quality quilts! She can make them with any theme, whether it is your sorority, fraternity, favorite team or just a random selection of shirts that have a special meaning to you! 


When you put your request in, Jeanette will ask you a series of questions to make sure the quilt you get is exactly what you want. Not only will she will help you pick out a background color/print that best coordinates with the t-shirts you have provided and design the quilt to be any size you desire, she sends you a picture of what the finished product will look like, before it is sewn together, to make sure you will love it! If that isn’t dedication and great customer service, then I don’t know what is! All the quilts are custom made, high quality and machine washable! And the best part…there is free shipping! 

Jeanette began Sew Sorority in May of 2014 when she borrowed her sorority sister’s sewing machine to add some lace to a pair of shorts — the ulitmate DIY project. While she still had the machine, persuaded by her sorority and older sister to make a quilt out of her Gamma Phi Beta shirts! After she finished her sister’s quilt, her other sorority sisters wanted a quilt of their own. Jeanette purchased her own sewing machine started making them for all her friends. Noticing the increasing demand for her skill and eye for detail, Jeanette started to make Sew Sorority into a profitable buisness. In order for her buisness to reach all of her customers, Jeanette markets her quilts mainly through her social media pages: InstagramFacebookTwitterPinterest and her website as well. Having a background in public relations, Jeanette knows a thing or two about how to target her audience and the best techniques in selling her product. Jeanette has customers all over the U.S. and would love to make some UNH quilts for us Wildcats! 

Don’t let the name fool you, Sew Sorority isn’t just for those in sororities! Jeanette is more than happy to make a quilt for anybody with any kind of t-shirts! If you’re interested in having your own made (why wouldn’t you be, these are awesome!) check out her website and social media sites for some inspiration and more info! We can’t wait to send in our shirts for the ultimate graduation gift to ourselves. <3

UNH Her Campus writer
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