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Setting Goals – Finding the Tools and Motivation to Achieve Them

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UNH chapter.

We all have some kind of goal that we want to accomplish, right? Whether it be completing a homework assignment, getting hired for a job, or even a more personal goal of bettering yourself as a person, we all have something that we want to achieve. However, finding and maintaining the motivation to achieve our goals can be hard sometimes. I know how easy it is to come up with the goal, but when it is not something you can complete with the snap of your fingers, it can be difficult to push on and achieve it. This is where I want to offer some tools and tips that I have used to stay motivated throughout different goals I’ve had and hopefully they can help you to stay motivated with your goals.

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Tip #1

Find a buddy that can hold you accountable to your goal. When you have someone pushing you to keep going, this can be extremely helpful as it feels like you have more support. This tip really goes to help any goal you may have, whether it be geared towards studying, being active, or simply being held accountable for something you’ve wanted to complete/do, it’s always nice to have someone encouraging you to keep going.

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Tip #2

Create a bullet journal. Now this in itself is something you need to commit to, as there is a lot that goes into decorating and continuously filling the journal out. In a bullet journal, you can put down your goals in a way that makes them more fun and feeling more like you’re accomplishing anything. Similar to a to-do list, this can help you to feel accomplished when you stick to your goals. I highly suggest looking at Pinterest for ideas on this one, they’re all so fun!

Tip #3

This has a little bit more to do with the study side of goals but getting an app that can keep you focused while you work can be really helpful. There are many apps that are made to keep you off your phone and focused on the work you are doing. One that I use personally is this app where you plant a little forest based on the amount of time you set towards studying, socializing, resting and multiple other options that you get to choose. If you go on your phone, then the plant starts to wilt! Of course, you can set it so that you can still use your phone without the plant dying, but it can help to motivate you to stay focused and accomplish your work!

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Tip #4

Make a list. Sounds simple enough, right? Write down the different goals you want to achieve and see the amount of time you need to complete them as well as the resources you might need. Now, create a sort of to-do list (or bucket list, really depends on what you want to do) and set a deadline for when you want those goals to be accomplished. This pushes you to pursue those goals and finish them before the deadline!

Tip #5

This was something I heard a little while ago and I believe it has helped immensely with my mindset towards my goals. You feel more inclined to do something if it feels like less of a chore, so we need to change how we are looking at our goals in order to keep a positive mindset towards them. Instead of saying you HAVE to do something today, change “have” to “get.” You GET to go workout today; you GET to work on yourself today; you GET to go outside today. Saying that you “get” to do something makes it seem more like you have the opportunity to do it rather than being forced to. Try it out with some things that seem more like a chore, it might just help to improve your outlook on things and improve your mental state! :)


I hope some of these tips can help you to stay motivated and achieve those goals. Be proud of yourself and all that you have accomplished. You GET to do these things for yourself today, remember that!

My name is Haley Ott and I am a business student at UNH. I plan on pursuing a minor in Real Estate.
This is the general account for the University of New Hampshire chapter of Her Campus! HCXO!