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Okay, real talk. How did we make it to senior year? It’s insane that three years of our college career have gone by in a blink of an eye. There is nothing more terrifying than feeling old and as I watch all the freshmen experience everything for the first time, that is exactly how I feel. I can’t help but be extremely jealous of all the freshmen because I wish I was reliving my glory days already. Let’s face it, and dare I say it, we are graduating. We are almost real adults and that just seems impossible to me.

It seems like just yesterday I was moving into my freshman year dorm. My parents said goodbye to me knowing that this was the first time I was not going to be home in my eighteen years of life. I made a new home in my dorm with my new roommate, who is now my best friend and still my roommate to this day #nonewfriends. Throughout these years we have had some crazy experiences together and met way too many people to count, four of them have even become our other roommates… bless their souls. Senior Scaries are, you know, scary, but I’m just glad I have the five best roommates to take them on with.

A lot of have things have changed since that fateful first day of college. From feeling nervous about classes to feeling confident. From being 20 minutes early to class to walking in just as the professor starts their lecture.

From too cramped dorm rooms to expensive apartments. From getting all our meals at the dining hall to preparing our own meals in our apartment. From having movie nights in the dorm lounge to moving them to the comfort of our own living room. From having quiet hours and the fear of being written up to having no one to report to in your apartment. From being 18 to turning ~twentyfun. From the frat basements and house parties to the magical land of the bars. Somehow, some way, we all stumbled our ways to senior year and for most of it, it was a blur. Maybe it was the dollar drinks or the now two dollar drinks that caused the days to turn into years. But, we are here now and the senior scaries are in full effect. Even with the scaries, this is our time to live it up. We have one more year to live as carefree as we want. One more year to avoid adulthood, to make some more mistakes to turn into great stories and learning points. To act like there is nothing more important then your college friends and the memories you make with them.

Cheers to senior year, class of 2018! Let’s make it one to remember.

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