Senior Year Goals

Last week I officially started my senior year! That is both an exciting and terrifying sentence to write. I realized that if I want to crush my last year in college, then I need to set some new goals for myself. There are a lot of things I want to do – and not enough time! Although it’s only been a week, I can tell that my last year is going to be a very busy one. If the bar lines are going to start at 6pm now, then I really have to start managing my time. This semester I am taking five classes and working on campus twice a week. Additionally, I am the Campus Correspondent for Her Campus UNH and belong to another club on campus that corresponds with my major. Plus, I obviously want to have time to be social. I realize all these things will be hard but right now, I am feeling motivated and excited for what’s to come.

Last semester, I did really well academically. Actually, the best I’ve done since I’ve gotten to UNH. Because of that, I feel confident that I can handle all of these responsibilities this semester. I want to continue to do well in classes, that is my number one goal. Since I’m finally taking classes that relate to my major, I really want to become more engaged in the course material. It’s important to me that I learn as much as possible in my classes so that I can apply these new aspects and ideas to my future career.  I really want to proactive and figure out what my life after graduation is going to look like. (Once again, I can’t even believe I’m writing these sentences) At the age of 21, I feel like I have to have my whole life figured out.

One goal of mine is to try to balance my social life and classes. Since it’s my last year at school, I really want to make sure I don’t waste any time with my friends. Last semester, I was commuting to campus while some of my friends were abroad, so we didn’t have the opportunity to hangout as much as we normally do. It is crazy that three years at UNH have already passed by and I want to make sure that I make the most of my senior year. It’s hard to accept that my time as a student here is quickly coming to an end.

I really just want to be happy. I know that is cliché and easier said than done but I just want to enjoy my last year of ‘freedom’. There will definitely be times when I start to stress out and feel anxious, but I am going to stay motivated and driven. One personal goal I have is to keep practicing yoga. Yoga is something that has helped my anxiety a lot in the past and I think it’s important to spend time alone doing things other than class assignments. Even if it’s just for a couple minutes a day, I really want to make sure I take the time to meditate and reflect.

Good luck to everyone this semester and don’t forget to enjoy this time at UNH while it lasts because it goes by so fast! <3