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This summer, my family and I took a road trip for our family vacation. We started in our home state of New Jersey and ended in the state of Wyoming. We drove through 11 states in the span of 10 days. We got to see many amazing landmarks throughout the trip and learn lots of new things as well. Here are my favorite stops that we made and recommendations for your next road trip out west! 

  1. Chicago, Illinois 

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Chicago was our first stop on our road trip and it was such an amazing city. It was so different from any other city that I have been to before. There was so much culture and diversity which was amazing to experience. My recommendations for Chicago is you absolutely have to walk down Navy Pier. It was so beautiful to see the waterfront from there. Visiting The Bean in Millennium Park is a must as well! There are lots of historic spots in the area around it which is something that you have to check out. Wrigley Field was one of my favorite things that we did in Chicago! The atmosphere at the baseball stadium captured the essence of how amazing the city truly is. And don’t forget to end your day with a piece of deep dish pizza!

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It may sound random but Sibley was one of the most beautiful stops that we made on our trip out west.We decided that we should stop after googling “What is the highest point in Iowa?” and realizing that we were only a few minutes from it. We pulled off an exit and there she was. A little rock commemorating the highest point in the state. It seems silly but the open field of corn and the barn view was breathtaking. I would definitely recommend stopping on your way through.

  1. Custer State Park, South Dakota

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I truly had no idea what to expect with Custer State Park and it turned out to be one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen. The views were breathtaking and the hike that my family and I did was more rigorous than we expected. This park truly had it all. There was the lake to swim in and breathtaking hiking trails. Before reaching the lake we drove through a wilderness trail and got to see buffalo within a few yards of our car. This was definitely a family favorite and a must do!

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Badlands National Park was another stop on our road trip that I did not know what to expect when arriving. It turned out to be such an amazing experience. My family and I hiked on Notch Trail which took you through the rock formations. We hiked along the ridges and through the valleys of this amazing landmark. I would definitely recommend stopping here on a trip out west. We spent the day exploring the beautiful canyon.

  1. Devils Tower, Wyoming 

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Devils Tower was our last stop on our long road trip out west and it was definitely memorable. We spent time at the actual tower itself learning about the Native American meaning behind the rock and the stories that it carries. We walked around tower on a trail and we could see hikers getting ready to attempt their climb up the mountain. Definitely be sure to stop by the Trading Post at the bottom of the mountain for all the inside information about the beautiful landmark!

Natalie is a Senior Communication Business Application major at the University of New Hampshire. She is the Social Media & Marketing Manager of UNH's Her Campus Chapter.