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Meet this week’s Campus Celebrity RJ Harris! Rj is the wide receiver on the UNH football team that has recently made it to the play-offs. To learn more about RJ read our Her Campus exclusive interview below!

Name: RJ Harris 

Hometown: Anne Arundel County, Maryland

Grade: Super Senior Major: Communication Activities/Clubs: Football, intramural champs, big brothers mentor


When did you start playing football?  Probably around 6th or 7th grade
What position do you play? Wide receiver 
What is your favorite part of playing football for UNH? My favorite part would have to be Friday practices on home games when you can see everybody dancing. I also enjoy the banquet because of everyone’s tweets.
How did it feel to make playoffs? We’ve made the playoffs every year since I been at UNH. This year was special since it’s my senior year and last run at the ship.
Do you have any hidden talents? Yeah, I can draw a lot better than people know. Mostly spongebob stuff, but any cartoon too.
 What is your favorite dinning hall on campus? Philly by far.
If you could be cast in any reality show, which one would you pick? Probably something on discovery channel like Naked and Afraid.
If you could vacation in only one U.S. state, which would it be? California because of that Disney World 
If you could pick next weeks Campus Celebrity who would you pick? Steven M. Thames



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