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Riley Mahan

Name: Riley Mahan

Hometown: Orono, Maine

School/Year: CHHS/Junior

Major: Health Management and Policy with Sociology Minor

It is only appropriate that I make our last campus celebrity of the semester/school year, our wonderful, talented Editor in Chief and President, Riley Mahan! She took on the role early this year (after being the celebrity correspondent) and has done everything but disappoint all of us. All that she does for the Chi Omega Sorority and especially for us is really so admirable. Without her, our Steps to Awareness event would not have been possible, the meetings would have been bland, and we wouldn’t have been able to form the community we all share with one another. It is safe to say that she will be very close to irreplaceable; she truly is one of a kind.

She will be responsible for campus cuties next year, so if you have any in mind, she’s the girl to tell. 

Here’s to you!

“One time Riley tried to be good at Zumba and it didn’t work out.” – Hallie

“One time we were at a party and no one was dancing, and she made me dance in the middle of the room with her.” -Allison

“Riley really brought the team together this year and I think all the girls enjoyed having her as our CC! I am going to miss having her by my side every meeting.” -Eryn 


Never stop being your fun-loving self! I’ll miss you!<3

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