A Review of To All the Boys I've Loved Before

After a long first week of classes, my roommates and I decided to have a wine and movie night to relax. We scrolled on Netflix and pondered what to watch when the advertisement for To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before popped up on the screen. We recalled the hype the movie has gotten over the past few weeks on social media, so we decided to click play and see what it’s all about.

The movie centers around Lara Jean, a quiet high school girl who prefers to be left unnoticed in a crowd. She’s had five major crushes in her life: Peter (the most popular guy in school), Kenny from camp, Lucas from homecoming, John Ambrose from Model UN, and Josh, who just so happens to be her sister’s boyfriend. When she has a crush so intense, she has to write them a letter telling them how she feels. However, she never sends the boys the letters and keeps them in a box in her closet.

However, on one fateful day, the letters somehow get sent out to all five of the boys. Lara Jean is thrown into a whirlwind of chaos when she has to figure out what to do. Somehow, she ends up pretending to be Peter’s girlfriend, which brings her both some good times and hardships along the way.

To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before is a lighthearted and beautiful movie that discusses what it’s like growing up in today’s age and dealing with friendships and heartbreaks. Lara Jean is witty, smart, and shy. She’s a super relatable character that has a back story to pull on your heartstrings just a little bit more.

I can’t forget Peter and Josh though – easy on the eyes and both very important to Lara Jean’s development as a character in the movie.

Will she end up with Peter? How will her sister feel about her feelings towards Josh? Will Lara Jean ever be able to be unseen again?

All in all, the movie was beautifully done and I would absolutely watch it again.

So, grab a glass a wine and a bowl of popcorn and enjoy the next hour and thirty-nine minutes. You’ll definitely want to find out how this ends.