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Represent! – Tips on Being a Campus Representative

      There are so many great companies out there, the problem is not many of them have headquarters located too close to UNH. So, how can you possibly get involved when you’re in Durham? Many companies have a campus representative or campus ambassador program that allows you to get involved in companies you are passionate about, all while staying on campus! Zero commute time, your campus is your office.

    Personally, I have had the pleasure to represent two awesome companies so far here on campus, and am even looking into the possibility of representing even more! The companies I am a campus representative for now are Serengetee and Pura Vida Bracelets. Both are all centered on clothes and jewelry that go towards different charities. Serengetee sells different shirts, sweatshirts, and backpacks that all have a fabric on them whether it be a pocket on the shirt, or a patch on the backpack, that come from different places around the world and also go toward a different charity. College students started the company while they were on a Semester at Sea program and it has grown into an amazing company, which was even featured in Forbes! Pura Vida Bracelets is another awesome company, it sells mostly jewelry – mainly bracelets, but also sells things like iPhone cases, Beanies, etc. All the jewelry is handmade in Costa Rica, and the purchase of these products helps keep the local Costa Rican artists working. All in all, these companies do it right by giving back and remaining successful.

      They also both allow you to represent the company on your own time. They understand all the reps are students, and that school is demanding and also the most important thing on their plate at the time. That being said, the main job within both these rep programs is making sure to keep sharing different tweets and Facebook status’ from the company on your own personal Twitter or Facebook. Sharing different deals and promo codes with your friends not only gets the company name out there, but it also allows you to practice your marketing skills on a smaller scale through social media. Especially at such a large school like UNH, it allows you to get the attention of more students at one time. All in all, these type o f programs really allow you to practice professional skills, make some connections and provide you with some great skills and experience to add to your resume for later in life So, how do you get involved in a campus rep program? Here are some sure fire ways to find some great programs and to rock being a rep!


You can find out about different companies with rep programs by googling “companies with campus representative programs.” Simple as that. I have done it a few times just to see what is out there and each time I have been presented with a list of companies (Victoria Secret’s PINK being one of them) that have programs and explored their websites. You can then determine if those companies meet your interest and if you could handle reppin’ them. While it is later in the semester, and companies might not be looking for reps at the moment it is still good to be aware of what programs are out there for upcoming semester and how you can get involved.


As mentioned above, definitely explore companies that you know of that have programs, websites. It is important to be aware of what the company is all about before you agree to be a representative for it. Being knowledgeable of the company can help you be a better rep and even possibly help you in an interview down the road. Some programs only require an online application, then they select their reps. Other programs like to conduct an interview with perspective reps – if that’s the case, you want to know as much about the company as you can so you are prepared to answer any possible questions.


If you are selected to be a rep, you are going to want to follow them on all social media – Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc. Even if you are not a rep yet you still want to do this! Many companies will post pictures, tweet, or make a Facebook status when they are looking for campus reps. You want to be on top of your game so you do not miss out on any deadlines or opportunities to get involved. You also will get a better feel for the company by viewing their social media and see what they do as a company to promote their business. It is important to be involved before you are even a rep to show your commitment and desire to continue to be involved.


If a company you are interested in working with doesn’t seem to have a campus rep program or anything of that matter, contact the company! Express your desire to be a member of their team and send over your resume. They may have internship opportunities or even be willing to create a program for campus reps. Worst scenario is the company now has your resume on file and may contact you in the future for a possible position within the company. Showing an interest in the company is only going to help you in the long run, so go for it! You’ve got nothing to lose.



These four tips can all be taken with a grain of salt and adapted to your own lifestyle and career goals. It is important to realize what you are able of handling and capable of getting done, and of course being on top of your schoolwork. The most important tip I can possibly give any of you is: be proactive. You are not going to reach your career goals and dreams if you are not willing to work for it. While sometimes things in life are handed to you or you get lucky – your future most likely isn’t going to just fall into place without at least a little work. Get involved in a lot of different things (without spreading yourself too thin) while you can, so later in life you have the experience and support to lead you to your one dream job.


Amanda received her Bachelor of Arts in Communication from the University of New Hampshire in May of 2016. During her time at the University of New Hampshire, Amanda was a member of UNH's Her Campus team serving as a Contributing Writer, Co-Social Media Manager and Co-Campus Corespondent. In addition, she was also a Chapter Advisor for five HC Chapters. It was through her internships with WGBH&PBS, SheSpeaks, Inc. and the UNH Social Media Department that Amanda realized she wanted to pursue a career in Digital Marketing and Social Media with a focus in the publishing and media industry. In her free time, Amanda likes anything involving food, hanging out by any body of water, and spending time with her amazing friends and family. Follow her on Instagram @barba_amanda
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