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Reasons Why You Should Consider Living In A Sorority House

  1. You get to live in a house with a lot of your sisters. When will there ever be a time in your life that you get the chance to live with 40 people? It sounds overwhelming but it has been an amazing experience.

2. You will never need to go shopping again. With so many girls in the house, there are so many different styles and closest to choose from.

3. There is never a dull moment.

4. You get the full sorority experience. Learning to live with a lot of other people will teach you a lot. Not only do you feel very close to all of the girls in the house but you feel involved in the chapter.

5. Bachelor Mondays. Every Monday you have friends to watch The Bachelor with and talk about you favorite contestants.

6. You have your own chef. No more dining hall food. Each night is a different meal that is homemade. Whenever you want a snack or a meal all you need to do is walk downstairs.  



7. You never feel lonely. There is always someone there to spend time with.

8. Every weekend you get to get ready with your best friends and make fun memories together.

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