Reading Might Be My New Thing

Reading might just be my new thing…


During winter break 2019, I watched the trailer for the movie After and immediately wanted to see it when it came to theater.

It was released on April 12th, so my best friend and I went to AMC in our town to watch it. I love romantic movies, but this one was different. It surprised me and wasn't as cliche as I expected it to be. It was dark and intense, but also heartfelt and deep.

About a week and a half later, I decided to google the After series, because my friend told me it was originally a fanfiction based off of Harry Styles.

I had no idea that there were a total of five books, so I was intrigued to find out that there would be more to the storyline then what the movie captured.

I haven't been much of a reader, and usually choose to watch a Netflix series instead of reading a book, but for some reason I felt drawn to read the first book of this series because I enjoyed the movie so much.

After reading the first book, I truly understand why people say to read the book before the movie, because the book is 100x better then the movie. And in this case, that was true.

I ended up reading all five books in exactly one week. I spent hours and hours and hours binge reading them and couldn't put them down. I stayed up till 1 am every night reading them, not wanting to even sleep. These books consumed me but in a positive way. They were entertaining, but always kept me on the edge, wanting more. The book pulled me in and was an escape from reality for me.

I 10/10 recommend this series to anyone that wants to read about an innocent college girl meeting her “bad boy”, to them finding themselves within each other for years to follow with passion, love, lust, heartbreak, trauma and the desire and need for that person, all in one. In a way it reminds me of Fifty Shades, but this series is more of a college version of that. The characters pulled me in with their emotions and made me want to not stop reading their journey. I would like to think that this series has opened my eyes to relationships that I am quick to judge, because not everything is black and white like people expect it to be.