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Note to Freshmen: Forget your Guy!

Adjusting to college life is difficult; some people don’t get along with their roommates, others are trying to figure out classes. People have their own strategies of how they get used to college life, but it seems that it is difficult for every girl to forget about the boy they left behind at home. Everybody has their own love story, either good or bad. There’s the girl that you’re jealous of who is madly in love with the boyfriend of two years. There’s the girl that’s had a crush on a guy from high school since, um, forever! There’s always that girl who had a nasty breakup right before she left for school. No matter what the situation is, it can be difficult to let go of a guy from home, whether on good terms or bad. Here are a few ideas about how to enjoy being a co-ed in a new pool of guys.

1. You may think you have a certain “type” when it comes to guys based on your old fling at home, but take advantage of the guys at your new college and flirt! You may realize that you love preppy boys with the cute boat shoes and pastel shorts and get rid of the superficial label that you once had associated them with. (Some nerds can be cute too!)

2. Being caught up in a relationship doesn’t allow for much girl time, so enjoy the fact that college allows you to make new friends and spend a lot of time with them without worrying about how your guy feels! Being single allows you to make up for the lost time with friends over the summer when you were playing video games with him while you wish you were at the beach with the girls! Don’t forget about making new guy friends too! Keeping a friendly relationship with a new group of guys will be much more fun without the old worry of whether your boy will be jealous!

3. Admit it: After you stop dating a guy it is hard not to “Facebook creep” while checking his twitter every few hours. We all do it and it’s not good for us! Instead of looking at his pictures popping up in a newsfeed with different girls at a party, make sure you go out and have your own fun! Getting involved with school organizations and going to parties with your girls is a great way to get your mind off of what he’s up to and focus on your own fun! It might not hurt to post a photo in a cute outfit from last Saturday too, just in case he was wondering how you were doing!

4. Grab your friends and bake! Whether its cookies, cupcakes or even just Ramen, there is no doubt that guys will come looking to see if they can have some! This is a great way to meet the boys in your dorm, whether you want new guy friends or a guy to bring along on your weekend plans. You are the one that’s actually getting the treat in this situation!

5. Do not revolve your new dorm room around your old guy! Leave the cute presents he gave you at home and be sure to put pictures of your new college adventures on the wall! You will be miserable if you have everything from home that is a reminder of him surrounding you. You always want to be in the right mood to make new memories!

College is all about new experiences and, as girls, what could be more important than a college life with some new cuties and new friends? Put on your cutest fall sweater and grab your girls to show your old boy you’re having fun forgetting him! 

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