A New Chapter

As classes wrap up and finals begin, I’ve been reflecting a lot on this semester, actually not only this semester but the past year and a half I’ve spent at UNH. With 2020 rapidly approaching, it’s not only the start of a new decade but the start of a new beginning for me. 

I’m transferring schools for the spring. It feels weird to write this because I’ve known for quite awhile, but with my last day within view it’s becoming more and more real. Although I’ve thought day and night for months about this decision, I feel as though I’m making the right choice. It hasn’t been an easy decision, in fact probably the hardest decision of my life. But I’m really excited for all the opportunities and new adventures this change will bring for me. Transferring in-state will bring me closer to so many of my hometown best friends, my family and the state I love. There are many more upsides to my decision, but I’m also really sad to be leaving UNH. Not only have I made lifelong friendships (Mia you already know you’ll be my bridesmaid), but through the ups and downs I’ve learned so much about myself. I truly believe everything serves a purpose in your life and UNH was where I was meant to be for the past year and a half. It taught me lessons, pushed my limits and made me grow into the person I am today. It was an experience I was meant to have. But I feel like it served its purpose in my life, and I have to accept that, and embrace this new chapter with open arms. 

Change isn’t easy. It can be very uncomfortable at times but I know that I have a solid support system to get me through the challenging times. College is such a strange, wonderful and horrible series of events all happening at once. It can be overwhelming. But it’s such a small glimpse compared to the rest of your life. I believe the choices we make create our life path, there are a million left turns, right turns,  detours, mountains and intersections we’ll travel, but our path adjusts with every decision. I’m proud of myself; when faced with a fork in the path, I knew what’s ultimately best for me even when it’s hard to admit.  

I’m grateful for going down this path. I’m ready for this new journey. 

Thank you, UNH, are paths will cross again..