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This past summer I had the privilege to study abroad at University College Dublin and explore the wonderful little city that is Dublin. Before my departure, I spent hours scrolling on TikTok and reading articles for different recommendations and spots to visit in Dublin. Since then, I have compiled my own list of favorites, and I am pretty proud of it. 

  1. St. Stephen’s Green:

I cannot start this article without mentioning what could possibly be one of my favorite places on Earth. St Stephen’s Green is a park located in Dublin. It is more quiet in comparison to Phoenix Park, and you’ll find many people just sitting around on picnic blankets relaxing. I spent one day here at the beginning of my trip, reading with friends on one of the benches facing towards the center of the park and people watching. Taking the time to see the small differences in other people’s habits was something so small, yet insightful. After that day, we made it our mission to revisit that park as many times as possible before returning home.

  1. KC Peaches:

This cafe has not only the best french toast, but the best vibes. Every single thing on their menu was delicious, and I found myself returning here again and again during my stay in Dublin. Not to mention the cute interior perfect for Instagram photos. I cannot recommend the french toast with berries enough. If I could eat breakfast here everyday I would! 

  1. Hodges Figgis:

This Dublin rec is for all of my book lovers. Hodges Figgis is the oldest bookstore in Dublin, with four floors and any book you can imagine. They also have a rewards program for each book you purchase. The store seems endless, and I will admit to spending a few hours there collectively over the course of my trip. If you are like me, and love to collect unique versions of books, Hodges Figgis has loads of alternative artwork covers to choose from, especially the classics!

  1. The Ink Factory:

If you are feeling spontaneous like I was, and want to get a tattoo during your world travels, look no further. The Ink Factory is the best place you could go to get inked. The staff is so friendly, and very reassuring for my fellow anxiety sufferers. They allow walk-ins, if there is availability, and the entire space is so clean. The artists do such an amazing job, and they offer a wide variety of styles. 

  1. Cassidy’s:

Despite its size, this bar has so much to offer. In this little bar right near Trinity, the walls are covered with varying stickers of shapes and sizes, and the music is top notch. You’ll definitely run into some university students, and you’ll leave feeling like a local. The bartenders are great, the service is fast, and the eclectic feel is just something else. It can get pretty crowded, so make sure you get there before it gets too busy!

I know planning a trip can be stressful, so I hope this little list can provide some sort of insight to potential travelers. I am so grateful for the experiences and time I spent in Dublin, and cannot wait until I return and revisit these five wonderful places!

Future School Psychologist Lover of sweatshirts, books, iced coffee and rom-coms.