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My Healthy Habits For Finals Season

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UNH chapter.

It’s absolutely crazy that finals season is upon us yet again, and even crazier that I’m about to finish my first year of college. Last semester’s final season was obviously my first time taking a college final and it really threw me for a loop. I had no idea how to prepare for them or what I should be doing for myself in order to keep my cool during a very stressful time. Now, that I’m at the end of my second semester, I’m feeling much more confident in the habits I’ve created to allow me to feel as confident as I can in the material I need to know for my exams, while also allowing me to destress and relax so I can take my exams in the best mindset. 

Schedule How You Want To Spread Out Your Time!

Studying is very important to do all the time, but it’s important to schedule it out when it comes to finals. Since most finals are comprehensive, that’s a lot of information to remind your brain of at once, not to mention taking care of other work and projects in other classes. I like to sit down about two weeks before any tests and make a studying schedule for each class. This way, I know exactly what to focus on for one day and don’t feel overwhelmed with the amount of information I need to memorize. 

Make a “Start” and “Stop” Time.

Along with my schedule of what I’m studying and when, I also make a specific time every day to start studying and a time to stop studying for the night. For example, on my schedule, I might plan to study for Anatomy and Physiology from 11 a.m. until 7 p.m. This way, my brain knows when it is time to start relaxing and unwinding and I can get a good night’s sleep. As someone who has test anxiety, I tend to stay up with my mind wandering about how much more I could have done or what I should have done. I know that I can do whatever I can to study in the time that I have, and can pick right back up the next day and know I have time to do so. 

Make Sure Your Emotional Wellbeing Is Just As Important As Studying.

Finals and exams, especially in college, are an extremely stressful time. There’s a lot riding on the grades of the exams and it can be nerve wracking. That being said, after I am done with my studying for my exams every day, I make it a priority to make sure that I’m in the best headspace possible. Some things that I do to help me relieve exam stressors are: going to the gym, spending time with my friends, watching my favorite shows, taking a walk or calling my family. While school is of the utmost importance, it’s also important to feel well in order to do well. Having a fun time doesn’t mean you didn’t do your best studying that day, it’s important to have a balance in your life. Stressful times will always pass and it’s crucial to remind yourself of that and take care of yourself. 

Good Luck :)

Finals are tough but you are tougher! Keep going, stay motivated, and BE KIND to yourself. Everything will work out! You are smart, strong willed and capable of so much. This finals season, work on finding your own habits that work for you and make you feel as prepared and as confident as possible to take your exams. Remember that you, your health and your wellbeing are JUST as important as good grades on your exams are. Eat good nutritious meals and drink plenty of water. Take care of yourself and your friends, you are going to do amazing! 

I am Communication Sciences and Disorders Major at the University of New Hampshire!