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My Favorite Uses for Essential Oils

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UNH chapter.

In the recent months, I have found myself using essential oils more and finding different uses for them. I would always just use them in my diffuser and now I found many more uses for the oils that I use everyday. So I decided to share my favorite essential oils and my most useful uses for them! I hope you try them out and see what works for you or even find your own uses for oils!

*Note: These are just the ones I use and how I use them. There are many ways to utilize essential oils with just a little research! PSA: I have found that any brand works! I usually pick ones that I enjoy the smell of the most*

1. Eucalyptus Essential Oil

  • When used in a diffuser, it can help alleviate a cough and stuffy nose. If you are on the go, you can pack it with you and smell it throughout the day. When I was sick, this saved me from being the person in class who coughed and blew their nose the entire time.
  • Eucalyptus is known to be antibacterial and can be used on any wounds which is helpful when in need of any other type of cut medication nearby.
  • When used in the diffuser, it can help promote brain function, and this is what I like to use when I am studying or doing homework.

2. Lavender Essential Oil

  • Lavender is very helpful when it comes to sleeping or relaxing. At night, I like to use it in my diffuser or whenever I am stressed and need some more relaxation in my life.
  • You can put lavender in your hair or hair mask and it will help promote hair thickening and growth! My favorite way to use this is add it into coconut oil (which is good for your hair as well) and leave it in my hair for a few hours or overnight. If you choose to add it into your hair just as the oil, make sure to watch how much you use so your hair does not look oily!
  • Since lavender oil is good to help you relax when you are stressed, you can also use it if you get any stress related acne!

3. Tea Tree Oil

*Note: I only use this for my skin, I do not like to use it in my diffuser*

  • Whenever I have any bad acne, extra redness or acne scars, I put a bit of tea tree oil on my face as the last step of my routine at night. I have noticed it helps reduce inflammation of pimples and helped reduce the look of acne scars.
  • When shaving you can tend to get razor burn or ingrown hairs and a bit of tea tree oil can help reduce these if they pop up!
  • If you are someone who loves getting piercings like me, you might find that you will get a bump or it will get infected. When this happens to me, I clean with my sea salt spray and put a little diluted tea tree oil to help clean it and get rid of bump. *Note: I find diluting with water helps it not be too harsh on my piercing*

4.  Lemon Essential Oil

  • I usually only use lemon in my diffuser because it smells so amazing and when it is in the diffuser, it can actually help kill any airborne bacteria, relieve any nausea, and help boost your immune system.

5. Peppermint Essential Oil:

  • Peppermint is another oil that is good to help clear your nasal passages when you have a stuffy nose. Again this can be a lifesaver when in class or at work!
  • If you find yourself having a stomach ache, if you rub peppermint oil on your stomach, it can help reduce stomach pains. I personally do this when I have cramps and it works like a charm every time.
  • You can also use peppermint oil in your hair or in a hair mask and it can help if you have a dry skin!
  • If you ever experience random hot flashes, you can put a few drops of peppermint oil on the back your neck and your forehead. It can help you cool down!

So far, those are my favorite oils to use, and alternate ways to use them beside just the diffuser. You can find diffusers and essential oils mostly anywhere, I got mine on Amazon and my oils from all over the place. 

*Note: If you have pets at home and use an essential oil diffuser, look into which oils are dangerous to the heath of your beloved pets!*

This is the general account for the University of New Hampshire chapter of Her Campus! HCXO!