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My Favorite Valentine’s Candy Ranked

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Here is my ranking of the best Valentine’s candy to the worst Valentine’s candy :

  1. Strawberry Hershey Kisses
  • You can never go wrong with this candy, and there are so many fun varieties to try! If you aren’t a fan of strawberries, here are some options that are just as good: cherry cordial, hot cocoa, mint truffle, sugar cookie, lava

2. Valentine’s Day Cupid’s Mix M&Ms

  • M&Ms are a classic sweet treat and are all different colors of red, pink and white. These are limited edition and only come around during this season so grab them while you can!

3. Nerds Gummy Clusters Valentine’s Edition

  • If you love the classic gummy clusters, you have to try these! They are by far my favorite flavor of the Nerds gummy clusters. They are Valentine’s Day colors and wrapped in a pretty pink package.

4. Sour Patch Kids Hearts

  • I don’t love the normal Sour Patch Kids because of how sour they are, but these are the perfect mix between sweet and sour. They are small pink and red hearts and are a must-try for this upcoming “heart” season!

5. Lindt Chocolates

  • A classic chocolate you can never go wrong with! Some of the Valentine’s flavors to try are strawberry, dark strawberry, raspberry cheesecake and strawberries & cream.

I highly suggest you try as many varieties of these fun treats while the season’s in full swing!

Molly Sullivan is majoring in nursing. She loves to do anything outdoors such as mountain biking, skiing, golfing as well as cooking and baking.