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Must-Buy Advent Calendars!

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As the holiday season is fast approaching, one of the most fun traditions is advent calendars. Advent calendars give the joy of being able to have a small gift to open every day leading up to Christmas morning! There has been a huge growth in the variety of advent calendars for anyone! This holiday season, make sure to splurge on a loved one and shower them with a whole month of gifts! Depending on their interests and hobbies, there is an advent calendar that will fit their taste.


For all of the coffee lovers out there, this is your calling! There is such a huge variety out there of coffee advent calendars, with even Keurig having their own. Each morning there is a coffee batch for them to use. This is such a great way of finding new favorite coffee flavors, roasts or even specific beans. There are so many on Amazon that include all different forms of coffee and machine types.


Every holiday season, my mom and I get my dad a beer advent calendar from our local beer store. My dad loves to try new beers from all over and this is the perfect gift for him that is different every year! There are advent calendars like this for all different alcohol types! Advent calendars for beer, wine and liquor are great for individuals who are into trying different ones.


Get all of your best gals this! For all of your friends who love perfume, this is for them! If you have any sisters or best friends obsessed with smelling good, surprising them with new scents and new brands to fall in love with is a fun gift. There are many available, ranging in different quality perfumes and the amounts of samples you get. At Sephora, they have a great one that allows the recipient to get a full size of their favorite scent afterward. There are many on Amazon as well!


Who doesn’t love candles for a gift? Everyone will love a candle advent calendar this season! There are many of them out there on Amazon and at Sephora. If you know a lover of Yankee Candle, they have a great one for those people in your life! Candles are such a staple of mine to get into the spirit and most of the advent calendars are holiday scent themed!

Victoria is a senior marketing and management major at the University of New Hampshire. She can most likely be reading her Kindle, watching 'New Girl' or 'Too Hot To Handle', or traveling!