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Music for Any Teenage Girl in Her Twenties

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Being a young woman in her early twenties is a unique and conflicting period to be in. It is a time of transition and of finding yourself. Experiencing college, work and life while still trying to find your place in the world (and while your prefrontal cortex is still developing) can be scary, confusing and rage-inducing but also joyful, euphoric and loving. Sometimes, we meet that guy that makes us feel just a little too unhinged. Sometimes, you just want to scream at the wall (can be both positive and negative). What better way to process the angst of insecurity, situationships, friendship, and everything in between than by finding the best music to fit you?

Jensen Mcrae

This one goes out to all of the existential girlies. Jensen McRae is an indie artist whom you may recognize from song snippets on TikTok such as “My Ego Dies at the End” from her first album Are You Happy Now? McRae tackles everything from her experience dating and never feeling like the ideal, to being with men who do not understand you, to growing up and understanding the world around you better. Certainly, on the angstier side of the list, her music will resonate with anyone who finds themself needing a strong emotional release and wants to know that other people also are going through life for the first time.

Personal favorites: “Adam’s Ribs,” “Starting to Get to You,” “Machines”

Reneé Rapp

Reneé Rapp has carved out a strong fanbase for herself as she transitioned from Broadway star to TV actress, and now as a sold-out performer. As versatile of a performer as she is, it only checks out that her music would match. She blends the most pressing heartbreaks with the ability to move and also feel like a baddie. Whether you reach for her first EP Everything to Everyone or her recent album Snow Angel, you’re bound to find something you resonate with. Maybe you’ll connect with the self-destructiveness of “Too Well” or “Colorado.” Or the self-consciousness of “Bruises.” If you’re nursing a heartache, “Snow Angel” and “The Wedding Song” could be the ones to gravitate towards. If you just want to feel yourself while getting ready for a night out, “Talk Too Much” should get the job done.

Personal Favorites: “Talk Too Much,” “Snow Angel,” “Too Well”

Sabrina Carpenter

emails i can’t send was the ultimate comeback album for the former Disney actress. She rebranded so well that she is now touring with Taylor Swift until the end of 2024. Her music fulfills the aspect of learning how to be in relationships as you enter the newest decade of your life. Especially considering the new expectations of dating in the modern age, Carpenter’s music is a special kind of cathartic. Feeling punished for falling for the wrong guy, owning your sensuality, navigating the best and worst of situationships and most importantly: letting go and forgiving. She understands that these relationships can be complicated and can hurt, but you can always come back better.

Personal Favorites: “Nonsense,” “because i liked a boy,” “emails i can’t send”

Maisie Peters

Maisie Peters truly has been writing for the girls who are full-on delusional in the best way possible. She covers everything from imaginarily dating your friend’s brother, having an ex who is convinced you are the crazy one, moving on and realizing that your ex is worse off without you, pondering why your ex doesn’t seem to be hurting as much as you and slowing it down to ruminate on the men who ignore you and only care about themselves. The British singer mixes pop, acoustics and stellar lyricism to make sure everyone understands what she’s saying. Perfect for dancing around your room, singing in the shower and crying in bed with some chocolate. Everything off of her albums You Signed Up for This and the Good Witch is bar-for-bar what you need to hear.

Personal Favorites: “Psycho,” “Coming of Age,” “Wendy”

Olivia Rodrigo

No list of music for teenage girls in their twenties would be complete without the powerhouse that is Olivia Rodrigo. No other artist so acutely understands the plight of the developing female mind quite like her. What is especially unique about Rodrigo is that both her albums greatly encapsulate the emotional highs and lows of this stretch of life. While Sour may be closer to your high school self, it still has those hits that cover love, heartbreak and not feeling like enough for those around you. Her most recent release, Guts, is like the older sister, more learned and mature but equally encapsulating of anger, angst, regretfully going back to someone you probably shouldn’t and feeling like a walking faux pa. Rodrigo knows exactly what you need to hear to be consoled or justified.

Personal Favorites: “jealousy, jealousy,” “get him back!”, “pretty isn’t pretty”

Kathryn Gregoire is currently a sophomore at UNH. She studies English Literature and working towards a career in writing and publishing. She was born and raised in Rochester, New Hampshire where she developed a love for reading very early on. She is always apt to talk about anything book related (or to help you edit a paper). Her Black Lab, Betsy, is her best friend.