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Mike DiLillo ’13

Meet our first campus cutie of the year Mike DiLillo! He only has one-year ladies so read up! He is a psychology major here at UNH. He loves a good meal at HOCO or Village but isn’t a coffee drinker. He’s a real sweetheart; he once took his girlfriend to dinner and her first Red Sox game. Also when asked who would he have dinner with dead or alive, he chose his dad (cue the AW) He’s a real family man, he loves a girl that can fit right in. Make sure if he sneezes you say bless you because that’s one of his biggest pet peeves, clearly he has manners what more could you want? He is single and you can find him at Scorps pretty much every weekend so keep an eye out, you won’t miss him!

Hometown: Weymouth, Massachusetts
Favorite Movie: Wedding Crashers
3 things he can’t live without: Music, Computer, Celtics
Song title that best describes you: Focused by Wale


Marissa Marano is a senior at University of New Hampshire. She is pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Communications with a minor in Business. She is from Danbury, Connecticut. She is involved in her sorority Alpha Phi at school as well as the Marketing Club. Outside of school Marissa enjoys blogging, traveling, and shopping.
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