MeToo Movement

There has recently been a hashtag circling throughout social media with people posting “#MeToo”. The goal of posting this hashtag on social media was to spread awareness of the MeToo movement, but also to show people the magnitude of sexual harassment and assaults on women. People need to actually accept and recognize that unfortunately this is a daily occurrence and so many young women are affected. I remember going through my Facebook and twitter, and seeing post after post of my friends and acquaintances posting  “#MeToo”. While I knew this was a present issue and one people seemed to swipe under the rug, it was still shocking to see the amount of people that I personally knew. Society needs to start holding men accountable for their actions,it is never nor should ever be considered the women's fault. Yet it seems society holds women accountable for the actions of a mans doing. The amount of women who spoke out against this problem spoke volumes. To see the women affected by this, standing up and saying by posting this hashtag, yes I am a victim, but I won't be silent any longer. Women are not the problem here it's men and women have realized that their not going to let men control their lives, they need to be held accountable for their actions. 





The MeToo movement was created by Tarana Burke. Burke founded the Just Be Inc. a nonprofit organization to help victims of sexual harassment and assault, the MeToo movement then transpired form there. The goal of the MeToo movement was to bring light to this prolonged problem that no one seems to acknowledge. It was a call to action, in which people needed to acknowledging this occurring issue and start doing something about it. I think it’s fair to say that the MeToo movement has finally brought light to this ongoing issue, and hold attackers accountable for their actions. It has brought unity amongst people standing up against this issue. Due to this hashtag and movement, many actresses have come out about famous producers and actors who have sexual harassed or asulted them.


This is just the beginning to resolving this problem. #MeToo will be an ongoing movement and it’s important for people to understand the value and purpose of it. This movement has allowed women and also men to open up about their personal experience surrounding this issue. There is still lots that need to be done in regards to ongoing sexual harassment and assault, but the #MeToo movement has definitely given survivors a voice to speak out about their stories and hold attackers accountable, #MeToo.