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Meet the Future Co-President of Friends of Jaclyn: Kelley Brennan

Kelley Brennan is one of the rising co-presidents of the Friends of Jaclyn (FOJ) club here on our UNH campus. The FOJ club pairs kids with pediatric cancer with different sports teams. They are actually the first club to do this in the United States. What they do is they pair kids with the UNH sports teams. They currently have one with the football team, one with the ice hockey team, and one with their club. To learn more about what inspires Kelley, we sat down together and I found out about her background, some of her UNH favoirtes, and more about FOJ.

Just the Basics

Age: 21

Year: Junior

Major: Accounting with a minor in economics

Hometown: Bolton, MA

Her UNH Favorites

Hoco or Philly? Hoco all the way

Homecoming or Cinco? 100% Homecoming

Dimond or Paul? Dimond

DHOP, Dominos, or Papa Johns? DHOP

Football or hockey? Football

Hut or Coffee Craving? Hut

Scorps or Libby’s? Scorps

When and why did you decide to join FOJ?

I decided to join my freshman year because I joined Chi Omega and there were some women who were involved in FOJ before me and they encouraged the new members to join. I joined and stuck with it the past couple years and now Molly Koon and I are the rising Co-Presidents of the club.


What other organizations are you involved in on campus?

I am involved in Chi Omega, Atkins Investment Group, and Friends of Jaclyn.


How do you balance everything?

I drink a lot of coffee, redbull, sometimes I throw in a cappuccino here and there. I’ve also become okay with basically sleeping only four hours per night.

What is your favorite part about being involved in FOJ?

My favorite part is definitely just seeing the kids and how happy and excited they are when they get to see their sports teams. You can tell that this club is really making a difference in their lives. It’s also really cute to meet their families and sometimes they’ll have siblings that get involved too. You can tell how happy and appreciative the families are to be around everyone as well.


Is there anyone at UNH that has made a big impact on your life? How?

Alicia Delvento. I look up to her because she’s the one who originally got me involved in Friends of Jaclyn. She is just an all around really great person. Right now she’s the Panhellenic President, she’s also one of my sisters in Chi Omega, and she is literally so involved, but she balances her life without being over committed to one thing. I look up to the way she has fun, but is also involved in so many different things.


Do you have any upcoming events?

On Sunday October 16 we are actually having A 5K run. Registration opens at 10am in B lot and the run starts at 11. You can register the day of and all proceeds go to the friends of Jaclyn foundation!

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