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Meet CAB: Your Campus Activities Board here at UNH

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UNH chapter.

Most people know what we do, but not many people know who we are. The Campus Activities Board (CAB) is an organization on campus that plans and puts on events like Homecoming, Bingo, the Grind, Stress Relief, Comedy, and more! Most students have probably been to a CAB event at least once without realizing that it was hosted by a student organization. CAB is funded by your Student Activity Fee which is why we are able to put on so many free events for UNH students. Cabbies put in a lot of work throughout the year to make all of these events happen, so I would like to introduce you to CAB’s Executive Board and Chairs for the Fall 2017 semester!

                                                                                                                    CAB Executive Board

“My job as director is to really support my team. The Chairs and Members do an incredible job with each event. I get to be their “go to” if they need anything and empower them to run with their ideas and make them into a reality. I love meeting new people and watching them bloom with CAB!”


“I’m the Business Manager for the Campus Activities Board. A little about my life outside of CAB: I’m an RA here at UNH, and I absolutely love all of the things I do at UNH! My role as the CAB Business Manager entails handling all of the financials and business correspondence for the org. everything from budgeting to receipts to contracting and so much more. It’s been a huge challenge, but one that I love to face and overcome every day!”


“I started my time with the Campus Activities Board as a freshman, and quickly became the Chair of the Bingo Program, and then became a Chair for the May Day Carnival. While chairing these events, I worked with budgets ranging from $750-$42,000, managed committees, and worked with companies. I currently sit on the executive committee as the Public Relations Chair. I deal with recruiting, retaining, and engaging new members; as well as creating content and running all social media accounts, and organizing/facilitating socials and events.”


“I joined CAB during the first semester of my sophomore year and by second semester I was a Bingo Co-Chair. Chairing such an energetic event like Bingo really got me into CAB and events the student org puts on here at UNH. Along with co-chairing Bingo, I got more involved with helping other chairs with their events. Being at CAB events and knowing I had a part in planning them made me feel accomplished and successful. This semester I joined the Executive Board as the Advertising Director. In this position, I make the posters for CAB events and work closely with all of the exec members to advertise and ensure the success of each event. Being in a leadership role in CAB has sharpened my teamwork skills and aided in forming life-long bonds with other CAB members. I am optimistic that the skills I use in CAB will open many doors in my professional life.”


“Hi! My name is Victoria Kleiner and I am on the Executive Board as a MUB Movie Co-Chair this semester. Within this position, my co-chair and I determine the upcoming movies for the semester and are in charge of promotions and advertising. I am graduating early in December so this is my last semester here at UNH. My major is Biomedical Science: Medical Microbiology and I hope to do research in the infectious disease field.”

“I am on CAB’s executive board as co-chair of MUB Movies. This position mainly involves choosing the movies we show in the MUB theaters on campus and coming up with promotional ideas. This is my third and final year as a CAB member, and being a part of such a fun and welcoming organization has been a highlight of my college experience.”


                                                                                                                     CAB’s Event Chairs

“We planned Homecoming events for all the students such as Fall Fair, Main Street Parade, and Spirit Week. For our position, we worked on creating a Homecoming that would be enjoyable for all ages and represented our theme of Dancing through the Decades. The planning for the event begins in April and continues through the summer and well into the school year. We were in charge of contacting students, alumni, staff, faculty and community members about joining us in the parade as well as contacting companies to bring inflatables and photo booths for fun at Fall Fair. We also worked on a lot of permits for the event and had dining prepare a big barbecue! Overall, the event was tons of fun and will surely be one of my favorite memories at UNH!”


“I really like how being involved [in CAB] has made me feel like I am a part of something bigger than just me. I love all of the people I’m with in CAB, [they all] truly bring their values and talents to this org. Everyone helps and stands out in their own unique ways.”

“I organize all the details for Bingo like buying prizes and put on the event once a month.”

How great was 90’s Bingo this month? Anyone else want to go buy a life sized cardboard cutout of John Stamos after because I did.


“The Grind is an open mic, coffeehouse style event hosted by CAB in the MUB. Running The Grind is really fun, as it’s kind of a self-run event with people signing up to perform. Andrew and I are in charge of directing setup, getting hosts, advertising for The Grind, and preparing food, which is the most fun. I always have a blast cooking the food and spending quality time with other cabbies.”

“Alongside my co-chair, Nola, we are in charge of The Grind! The Grind is an open mic night that happens every first Friday of the month! Please come check it out!”


“[As Comedy chair] I search for potential comedians to perform at the school. I also speak with their agents to negotiate fees and handle any hospitality requests.”

This semester, Connor is bringing in Eugene Mirman – the voice of Gene on Bob’s Burgers!


“As one of the Stress Relief chairs, I help organize the stress relief event that occurs during finals week at the end of the semester. We bring in inflatables, prepare crafts, and include other relaxing activities to help students take a break from studying and have fun. I joined CAB last semester and by the end of the year, I had already made new friends and wanted to run for a chair position for this semester. I absolutely love being an event chair, and I’m so happy I decided to join CAB. My fellow cabbies are some of the best people I’ve ever met and I feel so lucky to have gotten then chance to know all of them!”

“[I help] plan the end of the year stress relief event that takes place in the GSR. We bring in inflatable games, do crafts, and other stress relieving activities.”

“This semester I am one of the Stress Relief I chairs for CAB. Stress Relief is an event that we hold at the end of every semester during finals week. This event is a way for students to break free from studying and just enjoy themselves! We often have fun inflatables, crafts, food, games, prizes and much more; all for free! My two co-chairs and I have the job of deciding exactly what theme and attractions we want the event to have. We contact companies and delegate work to our fellow cabbies. CAB has been a major part of my life here at UNH and I would not have the social or leadership skills I have today without it. We are a very welcoming community and invite anyone to join!”


These are just some of our members, there are so many more cabbies who play important roles in the execution of CAB events. I joined CAB last semester after stumbling upon one of their posters for their new member meeting in my residence hall, I decided to go check it out and I’m so happy I did! I’ve met so many awesome people through CAB and I’m incredibly grateful for the opportunity to chair an event this semester. Keep an eye out for posters around campus advertising our latest events and don’t be afraid to reach out if you’re interested in joining! We love seeing new faces at our meetings and will always welcome new members! 

This is the general account for the University of New Hampshire chapter of Her Campus! HCXO!