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The relationship we knew would happen since the first episode: Lucas and Peyton. A troubled girl meets a boy who is ready to help her with all of her problems. Even though it took six seasons for them to get together, we always knew they were endgame. The best thing about the OTH (as the most dedicated fans call it), was the turbulent relationship between Lucas and Peyton. They kept everyone on their toes. From the beginning of the episode, we all knew they were meant to be.


In episode one, the spark between them was obvious. Peyton was so cold to Lucas, but Lucas did not care. Peyton was nothing but cool. She rocked her Ramones shirt and 1960s convertible. Her brooding artist vibe made her all the more intriguing.

While Peyton is the quintessential cool, mysterious girl, we have to give Lucas some credit too. His feelings for her date back to middle school. He sends her art into local contests and fixes her car, just because he can. Oh, and saves her life many times – that counts for something, right? In a nutshell, they’re both deep pools of adolescent angst in comparison to today’s selfie-crazed teens. How could you not be memorized by them?

 How can we forget this moment?


Let’s not forget, Lucas is always there to support Peyton.

Oh and a hospital scene, cue the tears.

And this time, when they were goals: Peyton asks him the most important question ever.

 Ugh, the feels.

And I know I said it, but Lucas is literally always saving her life.

Crazy fake brothers, gunshots, Lucas is always there.

                               Oh and how about this moment.

And because even Lindsey couldn’t deny Peyton and Lucas chemistry. We thought he was going to marry someone else? Ha! Peyton would never let that happen.

Also, let’s just take note of what a fine specimen Lucas is.

Last but certainly not least, let’s not forget this funny line they share.

Truly the best. Even after they vanished after season 6, you always hoped in the back of your mind they would come back somehow.

We love you, Lucas and Peyton.

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