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Life Lessons from Stranger Things 2

If you’re like me, you binge-watched Stranger Things 2 within the first few days it was out on Netflix. With only 9 episodes, it packs so much of our favorite characters and nail-biting scenes into a short time. If you haven’t watched Stranger Things yet, I definitely recommend doing so. Here are some life lessons to take away from season 2. 

1. Embrace New & Different People

Season 2 brings new characters like the adorable and strong-willed Max. Mike is resistant to letting her join their friend group, and is sometimes outright mean. Keep an open mind and be willing to accept new and different people in your life, you never know what they can bring. 

2. Listen and Support Your Friends

What makes the characters in this show so endearing is their undying support and love for each other. Always listen to people close to you and be part of their support system.

3. Accept People Who Have Changed

Steve anyone? From the beginning of season one he made a complete character 180 to season 2, proving that even if someone is a jerk in the past they can make an effort to change for the better. Steve became one of the best characters in the whole show after his big-brother scenes tugged at our heartstrings.   

4. Be Honest

“Friends don’t lie.” Don’t shy away from conflict just for the sake of avoiding it. Be honest with yourself and others, life becomes much easier. 

5. Embrace Your Weird Side, Don’t Be Afraid to Be An Outcast 

I think we all love how Stranger Things celebrates the outcasts. From “nerdy” kids, a “quirky” friend with superpowers, to older siblings attempting to fit in, this show proves that owning your weirdness is much cooler than suppressing it. It can even save the day.

6. Stand By What You Believe 

Will’s Mom is as stubborn as they come, and we love her for it. She never lets the nay-sayers bring her down and stands up to everyone who tries to discredit her and her sons. She teaches us to always stand up for what you believe in. 

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