A Letter to My Younger Sisters

Jules and Lindsey, 

By the time you’re reading this, I’ll be home for Thanksgiving and we’ll probably be sick of each other already. Being a big sister to you two is not always the easiest role, but I wouldn’t change it for the world. I hope I’ve been a good role model to you and someone you can confide in when you need it. I’m trying to find the balance of being cheesy and being my usual overly-sarcastic self. It’s hard, but I hope that this gets my point across. 

First of all, I wanted to say thank you to the both of you. I laugh more with (and at) you two than I do with anyone else. When I tell my friends what happens in our house, they don’t believe me. I have to prove it to them by showing them the videos of you dancing around with a mannequin head or singing “Chandelier” in full Miranda Sings mode. Now my friends at college like you two more than they like me. My first few weeks of college took a lot of adjusting just because how quiet it was. At home, your live “performances” of The Greatest Showman drive me absolutely insane, and I can’t believe I’m publicly admitting that it’s something I miss when I’m at school. Your quality of entertainment is incomparable to anything else in the world. The ability both of you have to make people smile is incredible; don’t ever let that change. 

Thank you for teaching me how to be caring, patient, and responsible. Julia, you were the first friend and roommate I ever had. You taught me how to share toys, a room, a car, and clothes (we’re still working on the clothes part, but we’re getting there)! I don’t remember a time in my life without you in it. Lindsey, there’s no other kid I’d wait for 45 minutes in the parent pick-up-line on a daily basis (#momlife). When you were a baby, I was afraid I was going to break you. Seeing you grow into a strong, intelligent, spunky girl has been amazing. You’re turning into a pretty cool lady, and lemme tell ya, people don’t say that about most middle-schoolers. 

Thank you for being my built-in best friends. I always have someone to go to the beach or concerts with, and I know you two will ALWAYS go to Richardson’s with me. You’re my go-to dance partners, and there’s nobody else I could imagine joining me in sing-a-longs during every. single. car. ride. ever. Our inside jokes are as weird as they get, but I can't imagine it being any other way. I wouldn’t want to vlog my way through Italy with anyone else! You’re the first people I want to tell any news to, whether it’s good or bad. You’re the people I love surprising the most with my impromptu visits home from school. 

As your ~wise~ older sister, I have some advice for you, and I’ll try to make it brief. 1. Never stop being your hilarious, sassy, charming selves. Your personalities are truly like nobody else’s… keep it up. 2. Don’t stress. You both care so deeply for everyone and everything surrounding you. Take the time to take a deep breath and do what you gotta do to treat yo’ self. 3. Remember that I’ve got your back. The day either of your hearts get broken, I’ll get my people and we’ll take care of it ;). Seriously, I hope you know that I’m always here for you, whether I’m at home, at school, or studying abroad in Spain next semester. I’ll miss you two, but the five months will fly by! Before we know it, I’ll be home for Julia’s graduation, and we’ll be right back to where we started - driving each other absolutely insane. 

I don’t say it as much as I should (or as sincerely as I should), but I love you both endlessly. Don’t ever forget it.