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Last Semester Senior Year Bucket List

My last semester at UNH is finally here. I keep asking myself where the years have gone. Most of the time I am in complete denial that this is the end. The reality set in as I applied to graduate, that the real world a waits. Instead of spending time being sad or dwelling about the end, I’ve decided to make every day count! Tuesday Night Bar? Why not, let’s go! I’ve decided to make a Bucket List of all the things Seniors of 2015 should accomplish before they graduate.

Here is the last semester Senior Year UNH Bucket List:

1. Go to all five bars in one night. I know you say there’s only three, but how can one forget Happy Hour at Mixteca or Scorp Bowls at Mei Wei?

2. Wake up at 5 a.m. to sit in line for tickets to the Spring Concert.

3.  A Senior Scavenger Hunt across campus.

4. Edward 40-hands as a pregame.

5. Dance on the bar.

6. Drunk ride home from the Domino’s guy.

7. Flash during Cinco De Mayo.

8. Late night fries at Kurt’s.

9. Run the Half-Naked Mile.

10. Participate in Beer Olympics.

11. Take a picture with President Huddleston.

12. Get a JB.

13. Make-out with a Scorps or Libby’s Bouncer.

14. Go to a frat party for the last time and dance with your girls. It will be a reminder why you stopped going.

15. Watch the sunrise from Hampton Beach.

16. Go back to where you where you lived freshman year and take a drink with the current freshman living there.

17. Get it on in an academic building or Diamond Library.

18.  Go to a hockey game and start the wave.

19. Do one last walk of shame.

20. Get on the roof of an academic building.

21. Go out seven nights in a row.

22. Climb the Wildcat on Graduation.

23. Graduate.

Here’s to making the last semester of Senior Year at UNH count! Have fun, and always remember Seniors 2015 that “We Belong to the Drinking Class!”

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