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Keeping Self-Care In Mind (Even During Finals!)

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Finals week is one of the most stressful of the semester — that sweet spot right between Thanksgiving and winter break. Even though you’re scrambling and staring at your notes or a computer screen for what feels like months, it’s important to remember to take care of yourself.


Without sleeping well and for enough hours, your studying won’t even be beneficial. You’ll be tired and unable to focus, which will just prevent you from doing what you need to do. Make sure you put away your phone before bed and go to bed at a reasonable hour. 

take breaks while studying

It’s not realistic to be able to study for hours and hours straight without eating or giving your mind a break. If you can, stand up, stretch and take a walk — even if it’s just around the library to get another coffee!

plan ahead (And prioritize)

It can be easy to get lost in the stress and neglect to map out your tasks. Creating a checklist can make things seem more manageable, and prioritizing certain things that need to be done can help set you up for a smoother time studying and acing your exams. 


Although it’s “grind time,” it’s still key to be able to set aside some time away from academics — whether it be to laugh and socialize or let yourself indulge in Netflix for a bit. Have dinner with your friends, put on a holiday movie with your roommates or listen to a podcast!

The end of the semester is stressful but you’ve got this!

Juliana is a sophomore business student at UNH. She is passionate about social justice and political issues, but has also loved creative writing since elementary school. Outside of her academics, Juliana loves to spend time with her friends, ski in the winter, and is always up for a coffee run or a sweet treat.