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   Smiles are so under rated now a day. They are the best feature on a person, and the joy it brings to others is impeccable. The most beautiful thing about a person is there smile. So dental hygiene is sooo important. We all strive for a white and sparkling smile. People will spend hundreds on professional whiting treatments and use countless products to achieve this goal. Many people also use photo editing apps to make the appearance of whiter teeth in their photos. While you could continue brushing and the whiting strip method, there is now a much easier approach to achieve a beautiful smile.



Colgate has now created an Optic White toothbrush and pen duo, thanks for sending over some to Her Campus. The first step is to brush your teeth like normal on the toothbrush side. After, you can pull out a whiting pen from the bottom of the brush! With just a few clicks of the pen, you can brush it onto your teeth.




Reasons why I love it?


1)    All in one product- everything is all together so it especially nice travelling purposes.

2)    Easy to use- it really is as easy as brushing your teeth

3)    Part of the routine- whenever I now brush my teeth, I automatically use the whiting pen attached.

4)    Fast- There is no wait time for the whitening, you do not have to sit and wait to finish the whitening part of it. It dries so fast that I can apply the whitening part and head out for the day!

5)    Results- the brush part of it is a VERY good toothbrush, it actually makes my teeth feel cleaner than my electronic toothbrush. I also noticed a dramatic different in the whiteness of my teeth within days.


It is worth every penny and will last you a long time, now show off those smiles!

This is a sponsored feature. All opinions are 100% our own.

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