Jersey Shore Family Vacation Reunion Recap

On December 3, 2009 a family of savages was born, this crew quickly became known as the cast of the Jersey Shore. Guito’s, poofs, and lots of alcohol are what one may recall from the original MTV series that officially closed out on December 20, 2012. A few kids and sweethearts later- the legendary cast reunited for Jersey Shore: Family Vacation which premiered on MTV April 5, 2018 and here’s what you need to know…

  1. If you’ve kept up with social media over the past couple years, you may have come across a headline or two about Mike the Situation’s tax evasion scandal. Originally, one of the biggest idiots of them all, Mike is now a 30- something, two years sober, and facing some critical jail time. But, that didn’t stop him from heading down to Miami to spend time with his favorite people. In the midst of the lawsuit, Mike was able to escape one madness to join the other- showing off the new man he has become since the show ended in 2012 which was recognized as they all toasted to his growth and new-found strength.
  2. Wild surprise here, Sammy didn’t show! The Ron and Sam drama that we all thought ended years ago continues… even if they don’t want to admit it. Sammy claimed to be in a better headspace with her new mans and was not up for the trip to Miami. Sam and Ron had a rough past, so I can’t say I blame her for not wanting to rejoin the ruckus. Pauly D took advantage of the opportunity and had a talking Sam doll made which he delivered to the house in the most horrifying body-sized gym bag we have all ever seen. After an horu of Snooki attempting to wrestle the doll into bed to the lullaby known as “Ron STAAAAHPPP” and a few tequila shots later, poor Sam ended up in the pool. However, Ron did not hold back any of the shade-throwing proving that even with a baby on the way with his new girlfriend, Ron is not over Sammi-Sweetheart. All I can say is, Sam’s pullout game is obviously better than his.
  3. As individuals it is obvious they have all been busy at work building families or careers, and so have their doctors. Following her gal pal’s lead, Snooki got a boob job. We’re not complaining though, this mommy of two looks fantastic. Duck lips aside, these women are all rocking it, even though Vinny claims “Nicole’s face has the price tag hanging off of it.” Drinking until your liver gives out doesn’t help aging, but Botox sure does.  
  4. The people on this reunion are the same fist-pumping, fun-loving idiots we all fell in love with back in Jersey. Snooki is still Snooki, drunk falling and losing shit- except this time it’s her wedding ring. Deana is still the family cryer and Pauly is the most optimistic Guito you’ll ever encounter. You can take the kids out of Jersey, but you can’t take the Jersey out of the kids- WE IN MIAMI BITCH.