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An Ice Cream Review: The Candy Bar

The Candy Bar: An Ice Cream Review 

Everyone knows Libby’s, Scorps, the Knott. But there’s another bar on campus—The Candy Bar. Obviously it’s a different, but it might be better— ice cream season is approaching and this bar can supply the demand. The Candy Bar will offer 12 homemade flavors from The Bloom’n Cow in Newmarket– “As local as you could get,” says owner Chris Guerrette. Blend your ice cream with toppings in the vortex or create an ice-cream float from various soda flavors. Or order the Kraken, the ice cream monster: a bucket of 8 scoops, 8 toppings, 8 cherries, whip cream, and infinite spoons. The Candy Bar will be open Fri-Sat. nights until 9pm; as it gets warmer, the Bar will stay open later. So make sure to try these flavors: 

1) Banana Oreo: I tasted this flavor first– and was immediately sold. I committed my whole bowl to Banana Oreo. Creamy banana ice cream strewn with chunks of Oreo–  it doesn’t get any better. Or more original.

2) Oreo Peanut Butter: This flavor was a close second. Peanut butter ice cream strewn with oreo chunks. Maybe I’m a sucker for Oreo, but one bite threw me back to the Parent Trap and junk-food sleepovers. Chris suggests mixing Banana Oreo and Peanut Butter Oreo into a milkshake—the ultimate Oreo shake. 

3) Coffee: Made with real coffee beans. Owner Guerrette loves to mix this flavor into coffee-milkshakes; so a treat for any time of the day, right? It’s basically creamy espresso.

4)   Mint Chocolate Chip: Mint ice cream stream scattered with Italian chocolate chips. Mhmmm.

5) Coconut Stracciatella: The flavor that changes the game— the most heavily sought after flavor. Coconut ice cream with Italian chocolate chips. Anyone who knows Bloom’N Cow ice cream knows this flavor.

6) Salted Caramel: Picture stretchy, gooey, rich, caramel– then freeze it. That’s it. Unbelievable. Try coffee, salted caramel, and hot chocolate-fudge for a Coffee-Caramel Sundae. 

7)   Strawberry: For those who are dairy free, try the Strawberry sorbet. Another sorbet flavor is coming soon!

Other flavors include Cookies and Cream, Chocolate, Madagascar Vanilla, and more. Another flavor is being made especially for the Durham location: vanilla ice cream laced with mint candy (a candy sold at the Candy Bar). 


Which bar will you choose this weekend? 







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