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I Went to My First Adult Toy Party, & Here’s What Went Down

Last Thursday, I saw my first real-life vibrator. In an attempt to share some drinks and laughs with the girls, my roommates and I decided to host our own adult-toy party and invite any of our friends who had a sense of humor. We drank too much, laughed too hard, and walked away with an empty wallet, and a night none of us will ever forget.

How it happened 

I first met Brianna Tuck at the local winery we both worked at on the weekends. She was outspoken, uncensored, and a total firecracker, so when she told me that she made a living selling adult toys I was anything but surprised. I shared the business card she had slipped me with my roommates that night, scanning the website and reading the detailed product descriptions, with nothing but the look of pure shock on our faces. We had to throw one of these.

We created a Facebook event, and waited nervously for our friends’ reactions. One by one, each of our phones began to vibrate with messages of excitement and anticipation. We were officially throwing our first sex toy party.

The scoop on the party 

For many of us, this was a complete and total culture shock. Most lacked any formal education as to the different terms we would soon become familiar with. Dildo, vibrator, rabbit, and bullet- I would be lying if I said I wasn’t a little scared for the night to begin.

“The structure of the party was a lot like sex. She started us out slow with a little body product foreplay, and advanced into the good stuff after we were warmed up,” said one of our friends when we were discussing how things went.

“The demonstrations were my favorite part. Even the shyest people were willing to volunteer because Bri made it so laid back,” said another.

After we had watched, touched, tried, and even tasted some of the products she had brought along, we were invited one-by-one into a completely confidential ordering room. “I was able to go in and ask what I thought were the most embarrassing questions and she helped me choose the products that would be best for me, I didn’t think I would want to spend as much money as I did, but I’m so excited for my order to arrive!” detailed one of the girls. “I ordered a lot of the body products. They smelt amazing and were really affordable,” said another.

Would I throw another one?

Yes. As the host of the party, I had quite an advantage. Free products and a hefty discount that increased every time one of my girlfriends made a purchase ($100+ in completely free stuff!). Although I can’t wait to try all of my new goodies, I think my favorite part of the whole thing was spending a night in with all my favorite girls! My abs hurt the next day from laughing so hard at the demos and games.

If you or any of your friends want to host a party, I highly recommend contacting Bri, and checking out her site. We may or may not already be planning our second party around the next new product release…

Host a party of your own:

Brianna Tuck

Don’t forget to mention you saw this article on Her Campus UNH if you decide to host!


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